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  • Do I need to be co-ordinated?
    We're not going to lie... you do need some hand-eye coordination, but it's absolutely nothing to worry about. Actually, this is one of the elements that gets developped during class! The Ripstix provide what's called an audio-muscular connection, which means they hear what you're muscles are doing. This drastically improves, rhythm, timing, coordination, and musicality.
  • Do I need to be a drummer?
    Asbolutely not!
  • It looks hard! Will I be able to do a full class?
    POUND has been specially designed for all levels, with all moves easily modifiable, so don't worry about your ability or fitness. We're here to help you let loose, get energised and rock out!
  • What are Ripstix? I do not have those!
    Ripstix are lightly weighted drumsticks designed to intensify the workout of your shoulders, biceps, triceps, forearms, and back. We provide everyone with a pair of Ripstix during class, so you don't need to buy them. Just remember to return them after class.
  • What should I bring and wear?
    ⚡ Yoga Mat or a Large Towel (for your strikes & you'll also need to lie down at some point) ⚡ A Sweat Towel (It is going to get sweaty!!) ⚡ Water to hydrate ⚡ Barefoot or sneakers -up to you ⚡ Leave your jewelry at safe at home or remember to take them off before we start! ⚡ Just come as you are in comfy clothing - that you can squat in- and that makes you feel badass ⚡ Reminder to bring your desire to ROCK!
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